Digital Marketing Mastermind Coaching for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Everything you need to know to double your business using Internet Marketing & Digital Technology

MastermindThe Collective Mastermind

The Collective is a live mastermind group that gathers for intensive 1 or 2 day private meetings, 4 times a year.

In this group, businesss owners & entrepreneurs privately discuss their challenges, take situations apart and put them back together, solve tough problems in real time, & share the results of their latest innovations and experiments.

We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources.

IntelligenceThe Collective Intelligence

The collective intelligence of the group is far greater than any one individual.

Each person is from a different industry and has unique experience. This creates a powerful synergy of ideas and fascinating, unpredictable discussions.

You will get access to the most incredible, elegant ideas, best practices, and connections — things that really just make your business the best that your business can be.

WealthWealth by Association

How much money you make in the next 1-5 years will most likely be the average of all the people you are associating with right now.

Who are you associating with? How successful are they? Is it time to raise the power, knowledge and mindset of your peergroup?

All members of the Collective must be entrepreneurial, highly experienced and successful at making money.

Sales and MarketingSales & Marketing Machine

As a group we will strategise and plan to force your business and website to overcome every obstacle and hurdle that has been holding you back and frustrating you.

We’re going look at every detail of your marketing and sales funnel. Together we will tweak it, tune it, and change it around so that you have a totally transformed kick-ass sales and marketing machine.

There will be no ‘untested theories’ allowed, just proven tools, techniques and strategies to take your business to the next level.

Wholesale TrafficWholesale Traffic

All traffic has a cost, whether it be time or money. Some traffic sources are more efficient than others.

For your business we will rank, sort and sift your different traffic options and develop a strategy of what traffic to implement where and when

You will discover how to buy traffic wholesale rather than retail and to design, tweak and tune it like a pro to make all your marketing spend more cost effective than it ever has been.

Path to DoubleThe Path to Double

The goal of the Collective is to empower you as a business owner with the knowledge, mindset and strategic action plan to double your business or greater as quickly as possible.

The ‘Double with Digital’ strategy is a proven wholesale fine-tuning of your ‘chain of conversion’ including but not limited to your home page, landing pages, trip wires, upsells, sales process, and follow-up systems.

Once you have a well tuned sales and marketing machine you will then have the knowledge and skills to scale up the targeted traffic like a pro to accelerate your chain of conversion results.

Greg-Dale-Secrets-Exposed-TV-Show-3-3A Coach not a Mentor

A mentor is not to be confused with a coach. A mentor is someone who has done it successfully before you to pass on their invaluable knowledge.

Whereas a coach does the same as the mentor but also holds you responsible and helps you develop a strategis and tactical plan and then kicks your butt to hold you accountable for your actions or inactions.

Collective members get personal coaching calls with Digital Marketing business coach Greg Cassar for developing and apply lasting, strategic changes in your business.

Goodgle PartnerAhead of the Curve

The Internet and Digital technologies change at an ever-faster rate. One of the keys to winning in business from the Internet is to know what is about to happen and position yourself ahead of the curve.

Greg Cassar is a Certified Google Professional and also a Google Partner. As a result of regular quarterly meetings with Google he finds out about changes that are happening on the web before the general public.

As a collective member you will also get access to this information before it is made public, and most importantly before your competition so that you can adjust and dominate your market.

Mind SetMillion Dollar Mindset

You can’t build a multi-million dollar business with a $2 mindset.

The same level of limited thinking that got you where you are now will not get you where you want to go.

Mindset is quite possibly the most important part for every entrepreneur to work on. As a group at the collective we will sharpen your ‘mind saw’ to perfection so you think more positively and creatively than ever before, whilst overcoming the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

effeciencyLeverage and Efficiencies

Overcome the issues of struggling to get everything done and feeling like you need to spend your whole life working.

Discover how to use latest technology breakthroughs to automate every aspect of your business – from sales and marketing to management and accounts.

Add leverage and efficiencies with cost effective team members at cents in the dollar of what you are currently paying, allowing you to create a smooth-running, cash rich business – without draining every last inch of your energy.


All information shared in the Collective is confidential and for members only.

There is a trust that exists within the group where tools, tactics, strategies and techniques can be duplicated from one industry to another.

However duplication of another members business model in the same industry is not permitted or tolerated.

Wok on your BusinessWork ‘On Your Business’

For 6 meetings a year you’ll get focussed strategic time to actually work ‘on your business’ rather than ‘in your business’ distraction free.

Think about how much you can accomplish in this time free from employees and interuptions with the collective intelligence of the group providing you insights and ideas that you would not have thought of on your own.

You will come away from each mastermind with a ’60 Day Actionplan’ which simplifies all the ‘could be doing’ activites down into the ones that will have the most impact based on the 80/20 principle.

Joint VentureJoint Ventures & Partnerships

Joint Ventures and business partnerships between members is encouraged to the highest level. There may even be opportunities to joint venture with our companies over time.

Your next multi million dollar business deal could be sitting right across the table from you. By putting yourself in the right place at the right time and forging good relationships you stand to open yourself up to opportunities that would never have otherwise existed.

Right FitThe Right Fit

The Collective is designed for CEO’s, owners, founders and marketing directors only. The sweet spot for businesses that we can help grow best have annual revenues of $400k to $40m.

We know how important it is to surround yourself with people operating at a higher level of thinking, and it is for this reason that we put an application process in place, so as to build the group with the right blend of strategic thinkers who can also actively contribute to the group.

Because of this there is no problem that you and your business will face that the Collective together haven’t seen before or can’t solve.

InvestmentThe Investment

This will be a “high-end” mastermind, meaning that it’s going to be at the top end of the tuition range.

If you have a business with sound financials and demand for your product or service then your investment in the Collective is likely to come back to you many times over as a result of new found gains in your business and wastage that you have been able to trim.

Exact investment information and table of value can be obtained upon enquiry request.

Moving Forwards

The purpose of the Collective group is to increase your income as you dominate your market whilst positioning you to personally work fewer hours in the business.

The business world is changing at a rapid pace as a result of the Internet and the uncertainty of this time. The right strategic decisions you make now have a positive effect on you for many years to come.

True wealth really comes through the transformation of ideas into implementation. Take action and enquire today to see if we are ‘the right fit’ for each other moving forwards!

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